Where It Started

KemBri CaKes is a home based cake shop that got its start in mid 2015. I always loved baking, but never thought I could make a living doing it. I would bake a little this and that at home. And my husband and kids loved it. Even put on a few pounds (Lol)!In early 2015, my positon as Lead Patient Care Technician (for a private home healthcare agency) was no longer available due to company downsizing and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully my blessing came when my son said to me "Mom I want you to make me a Ninja Turtles cake". Totally nervous and confidence a bit low, I made the cake (my son LOVED it) and posted it online. Soon after, the requests started coming in and KemBri Cakes was born. Since then I've really been able to hone my baking skills, return to school and major in culinary arts.
KemBri CaKes is not just my passion, it's my life!
Everything is made from scratch and topped with Love!
Baby Shower Cake 3_edited
Lion King Cake_edited
Photo Cake_edited
My Birthday Cake_edited_edited_edited
Red 3 tier cake_edited
Kemari's Pumpkin Birthday Cake_edited_edited
Unicorn Cake_edited
Batman Cake_edited
Tweety Bird Cake_edited
Cake Collage_edited
Cute Rosette Cake_edited
Red Velvet Wedding Cake_edited
Red Anniversary cake_edited_edited
Light Blue Rosette Cake_edited_edited
The Rachelle cake_edited_edited
Sonic the Hedgehog cake_edited_edited
Cute Moana Cake_edited_edited
Paw Patrol Cake_edited_edited
Triple Chocolate Cake_edited_edited
Vanilla Strawberry CreamCheese Swirl Cake 2_edited
Classic Yellow Cake_edited
Confetti Cake_edited_edited_edited
Popcorn cake and Cupcakes_edited
Oreo Lovers Dream Cake_edited_edited
Caramel Apple Pizza_edited
Strawberry Fields Cake_edited_edited
Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes_edited_edited
Glam Cupcakes_edited_edited
Paw Patrol Cupcakes_edited
Personal size Brownie_edited
Dipped Strawberries_edited